The Magnetic Woman

This is the most


life changing program
 i've ever created 

My desire is for more women to truly embody and own how powerful they are
How magnetic they are
How lovely their natural essence is
How influential their energy and presence is
How potent their femininity really is

I've designed this program to help bring you into your fullest expression, in all areas.

In my experience, there are four Pillars of Magnetism
four Pillars that need to be activated, nourished and fully expressed in order for a woman to BE all that she is

it's time to own your power, presence
magic and magnetism

The four pillars of magnetism


Over the course of 6 weeks, I teach and show you exactly how to unleash your full potential in these 4 areas, so that you embody the real magic of a woman who's truly in her Power...and a woman who embodies this is unstoppable.

This is not a course. These are channeled transmissions and teaching.
My programs are more like guided Power Journeys.
There is no reading material. Or PDF's. Or tech anything.
That's not how I roll. I channel in the moment. And the effect is palpable.

How to embody the *Synergy* of Masculine and Feminine Energy 

Accelerated Manifesting 

Radical Rest



Sex Magic

The Mechanics of Magnetism

Prosperity Codes

How to Channel


How to live and leverage your Human Design

How to access your Feminine Power

And of course, if you know me you know that I always deliver in a way that is practical, actionable and in ways that will work for YOU. In a way that easily integrates for your body. This is not airy fairy teaching...This is channeled transformation from a Master who's been at it for over 15 years

I  cover:

welcome to 

the Magnetic Woman

This is the doorway into ultimate self and soul mastery for women.

some of what has happened for me and the clients who learn and apply the methods I teach inside this program...

* Once she learned to access and lean back into her Feminine Energy, one client saw a $600,000 increase in her yearly income in 2019

* Once she learned how to communicate with her husband from her Human Design and Feminine Energy, another client watched her husband shift immediately from a pretty feminine role to a masculine man who takes charge and leads confidently in their marriage again

* Once I learned and applied simple alchemy (which is really just code for bringing Consciousness to something) and sex magic (also, basic breathing techniques) - I started having 10+ orgasms with partners

*Once she learned my version of Accelerated Manifesting, another client made $10,000 cash within 24 hours of our first call

*When she learned and applied the Mechanics of Magnetism that I teach, another client reunited with a soul mate and was married within 9 months

* After she learned the methods of Alchemy that I teach, another client healed a codependent marriage that was about to end in divorce...and once her relationship healed she found that that had been the thing blocking her business. She made her first million the next year

*When I started practicing Radical Rest and Radiance, I literally went from zero dates a week, to being asked out multiple times a week- men started flocking into my life and messaging me from out of nowhere.

Old boyfriends texted after years of no communication with apologies for what had happened between us. Men I'd worked with years ago started messaging out of the blue admitting their attraction to me and offering to fly my across the country to see them.

I know some of this sounds too good to be true- but this is the reality of how powerful and healing what I do is. 

Ready to experience what's possible for you too?

Yay! This program is for you.

now, let's begin

In the beginning, there is the WORD.

An Activation.

An Intention.

A desire calling itself to be made manifest.

And this is how our program begins.

Day One
I am guiding you through a powerful Activation

Designed to ignite your Magnetism
To anchor your desires and intentions 
To raise your energy, alignment and standards
Don't forget I'm a Healer, so integration for your body and soul are always priority 

Then, 24 hours later- we release anything that IS NOT of that
On Day Two
I guide you through a Clearing 

These first two experiences are transformative on their own...and will set the tone and the foundation for the remaining 5 weeks of teaching, healing, calibration and expansion.

"There is a magnetism to Brooke's coaching style that cannot be denied. Every technique and every conversation with her has leveled me up! I feel strong, clear, and in my power after every encounter. That means: priceless empowerment is served in each conversation and I discover ME each time."

- April Cunningham

"Brooke helped me deepen my understanding of manifesting in a way that makes sense to me personally. She is amazing at teaching you to go inward and navigate the wisdom of your body. I started working with her 1 year ago and went from making $40,000 to just over $100,000 a year, from being a freelance designer to head creative at a company I completely align with. I am more confident. My relationship with myself and the world has changed."

- Kit Craven

 A few more things I should mention.

This program is full of magic.
It is healing.
There will be Neuroscience.
There will be metaphysics.
There will be practical application of Universal Laws.
There will be results.

It’s a potent and sacred container.
Yes, you will learn tools and techniques to makeover your entire experience of yourself and your reality
- but you will also feel a deeper connection to Source than you ever have.
A deeper appreciation for yourself than you ever have.
A deeper experience of your MAGNIFICENCE than you ever have.

If you commit to this process, your consciousness will shift.
Your energy will change.
People will notice.
And so will you.

You will feel a lightness and ease that you’ve never felt before.
You will feel connected.
You will experience synchronicity.
And you will come to know and viscerally understand that you are a Magnetic Woman
A force of nature
A sovereign being
A steward of the Earth

You ARE the gift
You ARE the pot of gold
You are THE magic the world needs

Are you in?



Week One:

The Activation and The Clearing

At the beginning of every transformation, there must be an Invitation, an Intention -an Activation

Followed very quickly by a commitment to release whatever is not aligned to your Intention.

You must watch these in order. 
The Activation followed by the Clearing.

program flow:

Week Two: Pillar One

Self Expression

Feminine and Masculine Energy

-Human Design 

-Radical Rest and Radiance

Week Three: Pillar Two

Subconscious Expression


-Breathwork + surrender

-Subconscious aspects of Human Design

-Prosperity Codes

Week Four: Pillar Three

Sex Expression and Personal Energy

-Sex Magic

-Advanced Alchemy 

-Accessing Feminine Power

-Synergy of Feminine and Masculine

Week Five: Pillar Four

Soul Expression

-Accelerated Manifesting


-Stewardship and Sovereignty 


-Mechanics of Magnetism 

Week Six: The Magnetic Woman

Putting it all together 

That you can watch at any point during or after the program

My intention is for you to learn how to be a beacon for your own, beautiful version of success.
for the kind of relationships you desire.
A magnet.
A force of Nature.
A truly magnetic woman.
Both kind and bold.
With an open heart and radiant light.
Whose sheer presence changes the world. 

What is included:

two trainings each week, for 6 weeks

Including activation,
energetic clearing,

Access to private facebook group where all trainings and content are housed

"Brooke has the ability to be laser aware and tuned into me. This is the first time I feel 100% at ease in my body, soul and mind. My heart is happy. My mind is clear."

-Nancy Indiere

"I am FULLY alive in my feminine energy and I am thriving!"

-Jess S.

"Brooke's completed shifted the trajectory of my life. I feel electric, grounded, and expanded. I see myself in a new light and feel the current of source energy coursing through my veins for the first time. The magic Brooke brings to the table when you work with her is indescribable and revolutionary.

-Sarah Barrette

Ready to enter the magic?


Here’s how:

The Magnetic Woman

“Brooke is everything a coach should be and every one of us could benefit from the kind of insight, wisdom and
empowerment she offers." 

- Bridgette Corsa


Magnetic Woman is my signature 6 week journey for women.
And I've just added THREE new bonus livestreams.
One to soothe your nervous system and allow you to surrender
One Energy Healing
One new teaching on attracting the Masculine with more ease